Trademark Registration Process in Dubai

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November 22, 2018
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Trademark Registration Process in Dubai

If you have decided to open a company in Dubai mainland or free zone areas located all across the UAE, it’s imperative that your register for a Trademark of your Brand to get corporate identity and conduct your marketing operations. The first step is submitting an application to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce filled in Arabic along with 14 specimen drawings of each of the marks. To get better insight about the process you can hire a PRO agency or a Consultation firm in Dubai to take you step by step throughout the process.

Submitting Application

Once you have submitted the application and the specimen drawings, the ministry will start its work to approve it. In case if some information is wrongly entered or is missing from the application form, the ministry will reject the application and prepare a report on the basis of inappropriate or missing information.

In case of Rejection

Under such cases the applicant will be summoned by the ministry and is required by law to report within the given period of time. The applicant has two options at this point, either to accept the Ministry’s report, or file a plea against the Ministry’s Trademark Committee. The applicant can further choose to file an appeal at the Civil court of the Committee’s report comes out as unfavorable.

Publishing in Newspapers

After all the issues from the applicant’s side and the Ministry’s side have been resolved, the trademark approved by the Ministry will be published in the UAE Official Gazette. The applicant will be required to publish the trademark in UAE’s two leading newspapers to make it apparent.

30 Day Period

This gives the general public a period of 30 days to respond and present any objections regarding the trademark by forwarding it to the Ministry. If any objections arise from any side, the applicant has another 30 days of time to take action and clear it out with the ministry.

Final Approval

After the 30 days’ period without any objections, the Ministry approves the trademark and the applicant is required to send notifications to federal and local bodies along with Chamber of Commerce and Industry and any other associated department to complete his/her company set up process.

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