Sharjah Free Zone Company Formation

Interestingly, Sharjah translates to, “Rising Sun” in Arabic, a very fitting name for an entrepreneurial hotbed and forefront of economic, cultural and social prosperity.

Launched in January 2017, Sharjah Media City or more commonly abbreviated as SHAMS was formed to help media sectors grow and enrich in UAE. The authority is a pre-conditioned ecosystem of calibrated business policies and benefits for fostering a vibrant and connected community of businesses. After its creation and years of success that followed, SHAMS has transformed into a competitive zone for aspiring startups of talented entrepreneurs enticed with lucrative laws and superior provisions.

Media Related Activities

As a world-class hub of modern day services, SHAMS has inspired many startups to venture in and benefit from its specialized facilities, creative sectors and holistic community. Through its dynamic environment for media businesses, the zone has attracted aspiring entrepreneurs from around the globe. The zone outfits exclusive privileges to media related activities in terms of legal, financial, administrative and logistical support. These smart incentives are aimed to allow new businesses thrive and existing ones to prosper in robust and localized community that promotes talent and helps continuous progress of business setup industry in UAE.

Flexible Options

Sharjah makes a versatile environment for entrepreneurs, SMEs and Large Enterprises, offering small offices to large scale facilities in flexible packages. The zone is particularly popular for its business setup options that can accommodate all types companies with customized packages.

Facilities for Freezone Companies

Accessible to over 2 billion people from just a four-hour flight and accounting for UAE’s one third of industrial activity, Sharjah homes a dynamic business atmosphere for investors with numerous privileges and provisions such as storage areas, warehouses, labor housing, container parking, bunkers and densely connected highways for freight transportation.

Favorable Location

Another great advantage that Sharjah Media City gives to expats is its strategic location. The zone is located just around 15 minutes from Dubai Airport and only a mere 5 minutes from Shajah Airport. The City itself has the best metro of residential boulevards, finely carpeted roads, creative units, plazas, and planned streets connected with all types of amenities. These districts are abundant with office spaces for all types of dimensions.

Types of Licenses

There 3 major types of Sharjah Company registration licenses available, Services, Trading and Industrial. The services license is for all non-goods such as consultancy, hospitality, legal and domestic. The trading License is for selling goods within the jurisdiction of SHAMS such as import and export, trading of goods, transportation, wholesale and retail of goods. Finally, the Industrial license involves production, re-production, manufacturing, transformation and treatment of products.

Varied office Space Options

Startups and SMEs can hire a shared desk facility, dedicated desk, shared office or dedicated office. All four of these facilities are equipped with Wi-Fi, printer and meeting room.

Visa Advantages

Getting visas is never less than fast in Sharjah free zone. An investor visa can be obtained without any age restriction that most zones have. Plus, investors get up to 6 visas through shared-desk option for work space.

Advantages of SHAMS Setup

  • Low cost company setup starting from AED 11,500
  • 100% foreign ownership and 100% repatriation of funds
  • No requirement for Physical presence in UAE to initiate company setup
  • No requirement of NOC
  • No requirement of Paid-up capital or annual audit
  • 100% transfer of funds and 0% duties on import and export of products
  • 0% corporate tax for as long as 50 years
  • Fast incorporation and documentation issued within 2 days.
  • Inexpensive workforce and easy recruitment procedures.
  • Affordable workforce and quick recruitment for team building

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