Ajman Offshore Company Formation

Through Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA), a global offshore jurisdiction has been established under the Ajman Offshore Companies Regulations of 2014, conferred by the Emiri Decree No. (2), issued in the year 2014. The zone enjoys a prime location with a rich network of highways connected to major cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Its progressiveness is evident through the rising number of trade licenses being issued every year, from 948 in 2012 and 5119 in 2016 to 6972 in 2017.

Due to its global reputation as an investment hub, investors from different countries keenly show their interest for Ajman Offshore company formation to avail 100% foreign ownership, tax incentives, financial privacy, impervious legal framework, international banking facilities and other specialized privileges.

Asset Protection

As Ajman Offshore company owner your assets impossible to locate and protected with UAE legislation, rendering litigation suits futile. Any debts or corporate liabilities are brushed off your personal assets. The owner can use it as a holding company to control shares and a special power vehicle (SPV) to execute projects.

Business Privacy

You also enjoy anonymity and corporate confidentiality for your employees, manager and directors. You can conduct all your business operations in privacy without submitting annual fiscal reports or disclosure employee database to public records.

Ease of Incorporation

The procedure is easy with minimum documentation and can be setup remotely. Once the documentation is complete it takes around 2-3 working days to incorporate the company. The renewal process is also simple and does not involve a costly investment.

No Physical Premises Required

Unlike other company formation structures, an offshore company does not require an office space to legitimize its presence. The UAE legislation itself is a proof of its legal occupancy and allows the company to conduct its operations without a physical work space.

Tax Benefits

By having a domicile in the country of residence, Ajman Offshore minimizes the taxation in the home country. The offshore company in Ajman is exempted from personal or corporate income taxes for up to 50 years with unrestricted flow of capital investment.

Banking Benefits

Like most Offshore Company jurisdictions, Ajman allows opening of any local UAE bank account, no restriction of foreign currency exchange and unlimited transfer of funds through international banking channels. You are also entitled to own real estate property as an Ajman Offshore company owner.



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