Ajman Free Zone Business Setup 

Established in 1988, Ajman Free Zone (AFZA) quickly developed into a massive industrial zone in Ajman. Pro investment policies, densely connected highways, top-notch logistics support and superior facilities have attracted a great number of businesses to benefit from the AFZA’s unique privileges, thereby reinforcing its trade industry.

AFZA is located only 65 kms from Dubai, with easy access to two international airports and four major seaports, Ajman ranks as one of UAE’s most prosperous Free Trade Zones, offering some distinct advantages to entrepreneurs and SMEs. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, international standard airport, park developments, and amenities, Ajman has secured its place among UAE’s major trade hubs.

Due to these competitive incentives and trading provisions, companies incorporated in Ajman have prospered by gaining considerable returns on their investments – further inviting new businesses to the region.


  • AFZA has been declared as a designated VAT free zone which enables companies based in this free zone to transact tax free within the free zone or with other designated free zones in UAE
  • 100% foreign ownership of establishment/company
  • Advance banking facilities that allow easy transfer of capital and profits
  • Top facility provisions with competitive prices
  • International trading and Local trading through LSA
  • Flexible leasing plans and low-cost labor
  • Financial management and bookkeeping services
  • Fast and easy registration process for SMEs

Benefits of Ajman Free Zone Company

Variable Packages

Among the top reasons, businesses prefer Ajman Free zone is the varied package that includes 3 to 5 visas depending on the needs and preferences of the investor. Entrepreneurs who seek affordable work space and facilities can opt for Flexi-Desk which includes office space, equipment, and other services such as meeting rooms.

Cheapest Free Zone Trade license

As one of the most cost-effective free-trade zones in UAE, Ajman offers special incentives to SMEs looking towards establishing a strong foothold in UAE. Packages start from as low as AED 15,010 and going up depending on the Office type and Visa quota availed.

Easy Registration

Investors are required to visit the free zone authority office only once for document approvals, and the rest can be managed remotely. The process takes around 2 days and involves submitting the application, company documents, and business plan, the rest of which is handled by the agent.

No NOC Requirement

Since there is no requirement for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) when setting up a business in Ajman free zone, entrepreneurs can easily register their startup while employed in any organization. This is particularly beneficial for first-time entrepreneurs.

A Range of Activities

Ajman free zone houses a range of diverse sectors and supports numerous activities that investors can partake in. This includes almost all trading, general trading, professional, industrial and e-commerce licenses available in UAE. This makes AFZA an ideal place for networking and collaboration.

Easy Management of Financials

As an Ajman free zone investor, you will not be required to provide paid-up share capital, no auditing or bookkeeping of your financial sheets. The authority will facilitate you in opening a corporate bank account in Dubai with the suitable bank for your business needs.

VISA Process

Moreover, investors can sponsor their dependents without getting involved in complicated visa entry procedures. The process involves entry permit, status adjustment, fitness test (medical), registration of Emirates ID and then visa stamping. As the owner of the company, you are eligible to live anywhere in UAE and apply for residence visas for your employees.

Strategic Location

Ajman free zone’s strategic location has boasted fast access to Sharjah, UAQ and Dubai through highways and airports in close proximity. It also connects with 4 major sea ports, allowing fast transportation of freight across the region.

Ajman Free Zone Business Setup Process

When setting up your Ajman Free Zone Company in UAE, the first thing to do as an investor is choosing the correct business activity. Then you can proceed by deciding the appropriate company name, file the registration paperwork and submit it to the relevant authorities. You may then be asked to open a bank account which you can choose according to your preferences and apply for the visas process.

The specific Ajman free zone Company setup process can largely depend on the license type you have applied for and the operational capacity you are aiming for. This is where we step in, to provide you with expert counseling and guide you with the right options available for Ajman Free Trade Zone. We will make sure you are taken step by step through the entire process with transparency and professional assistance at every stage, so your company gets premier services in the most affordable packages in UAE.



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